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Stopping the mass-marketing treadmill... where does your Marketing Department stand?

Posted on on August 20 In Technology, Marketing Strategy Written by Jason Sullock

(Levels of Sophistication Diagram - Click to view larger version)


I’ve always said that “Marketing is all Commonsense.  It’s just it’s only commonsense with hindsight or when you have the luxury of time to see it.”

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Don’t Stop Emailing: When it’s OK to Email “Disengaged” Customers

Posted on on March 19 In Email Marketing, Online Marketing Written by Viney Qazi

Email deliverability experts advise that it’s a best practice to remove addresses from your email list after a certain amount of inactivity. Even in my last blog post, I discussed avoiding list fatigue by not sending to non-engaged recipients. This is beneficial for a number of reasons­. Most importantly, having a list full of disinterested recipients not only hurts your wallet, but can negatively impact your company’s sender reputation and deliverability. For plenty of businesses, this best practice is useful. However, in other industries, it is not only justifiable to extend the shelf life of your email database, but highly recommended.

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Ask Them Out, Get Engaged and Leverage Strong Relationships; The Secret to Increasing Sales in the CPG Industry

Posted on on March 17 Written by Richard Hurley

Working with consumer packaged goods (CPG) clients is always a fun and challenging endeavor. I’ve found that consumers are either very passionate about their favorite brands or adamant about why they don’t like something and are very eager to share their product reviews with others. I often tell my CPG marketing clients they are missing out on an untapped resource if they are not reaching out to loyal customers for product reviews. If brands harness and communicate customer satisfaction to the masses with product reviews -- they will quickly and easily increase product sales.

I understand my word alone may not convince you of the power of consumer reviews so I’m bringing in some support from the bench: 

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Millennials and Money: Four Tips for Financial Institutions

Posted on on March 10 Written by Michael Greski

What’s the deal with millennials and money?

Millennials, or the generation born between 1980-and 2000, have become a focus of national discussion. Our generation has come of age in a rapidly changing, economically volatile and technologically advancing society. As a result, we do not fit the mold of prior generations and are often characterized by a reliance on technology and seemingly unrestrained activity on social media outlets. Demographically, we are larger than preceding generations, with 92 million strong.

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